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Review for Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat, Bohemian Blue

This. Seat. Changed our lives. We have an 8 month old boy, sweet as can be but HATES going to sleep and doesn’t stay that way for long. He’s under the impression that our lives are so interesting that he’s going to miss something if he naps longer than a half hour. He ONLY goes to sleep with help, by feeding or motion. For the past 2-3 months he has hated getting in the car. Road trips are a nightmare. Technically he still has many pounds to go before outgrowing his Graco Snugride 35 which has been great except for sleeping in the car, so we didn’t consider a convertible until we read a couple of blogs and reviews that really spoke to us.

Enter the Pria 70. This thing is like a Cadillac of baby support and transport, and we don’t even care about having the nicest things but man what a treat this is. Our little guy is clearly more comfortable now, with plenty of room to keep growing. The fabric is not irritating at all, and the side pillows up by the head are so great for keeping his head up when he falls asleep. And he does. Fall. Asleep. Like magic it worked right away. He looks so comfortable now during naps, reclined just right and head in a healthy position.

Two minor complaints. 1) The strap pads are really nice for not digging into his neck, which had been an issue, but they seem too squishy to give me a good read on how tight the straps are for safety. 2) The straps can be difficult to tighten. There’s too much friction somewhere. I’ve found that reaching around to the back of the seat and pulling them taught first, and repeatedly, helps immensely.

Very comfortable (adults are missing out on not having one our size), easy to install, east to use on a daily basis.

I’d recommend this to anyone, it greatly improved our quality of life.

Review for Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller, Crimson Red

I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and finally decided that I just couldn’t make it work with a single stroller this summer. A friend and I have been walking about 3 miles a few times a week for the past month since I received this stroller and I have been very impressed! My friend purchased the Baby Jogger City Select for almost three times the amount that I spent on this stroller and she just recently commented that if she had tried the Contours first she might have gone with that one instead.

I love that the seats can face either direction and there is plenty of room for both of my kids legs in the middle if they are facing each other (There is not enough room in my friend’s City Select). I do wish that it came with a better cup holder and snack trays for the kids. The cup holder fell off before I could even put a drink in it.

The handle is nicely padded and very comfortable to push. I am 5’7” and the height is good for me. If there is only one child in the back I can steer it with one hand. The ride is very smooth. We use it mostly on hard surfaces (sidewalks, the zoo) and have not had any trouble with the wheels as I had read on some other reviews.

I was very excited to see that the ad for this stroller featured a Chicco infant carseat; however, once I received the stroller, I discovered that it just came with a universal attachment. The Chicco does not snap into place, there is a big red buckle that you have to strap around the car seat to secure it in the stroller. Though if we have a winter baby next time, I may never need to use it.

Overall I am very impressed and would highly recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a tandem double stroller. I love it!

Review for Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller, Grey/Blue

I have an eight month old and a nearly 3 year old. I already have a double Maclaran stroller that I use for the mall, traveling, etc but wanted a stroller that I could use for jogging and walks in the neighborhood. I used the stroller for one jog and it pushed very well. I liked the double sunshades that can be adjusted for the angle of the sun. The rubber inserts on the parent cupholders are a great feature since my water bottles always fell out of the shallow cupholders on my single jogger while I was jogging. There isn’t too much storage – just the basket underneath and the parent tray. No pockets on the backs of the seats or on the sunshades like my single jogger has. However, the basket underneath is easy to get to and since I was using this primarily as a jogging stroller, I didn’t have much to bring with me. I love that the front wheel locks/unlocks by pushing a button near the handlebar instead of having to bend over and flip a switch near the wheel.

I got this stroller because I really liked the price range and I liked the snack and cup trays for the kids. Unfortunately, I am returning this stroller. My eight month old fit just fine but my almost 3 year old is 37.5″ and was not comfortable. The seatback is only 17″ tall so her head stuck up beyond the seatback so she couldn’t rest her head back comfortably. Also, the way the seat is designed, her legs struck straight out instead of bending at the knee like she is sitting in a chair. As a result, one leg sort of rested on the wheel cover and the other dangled off. She tried to twist sideways and bend her legs so she could rest both on the wheel cover, but I could tell she wasn’t comfortable. I am wanting to use this stroller for a couple more years and I know there will never be enough room for both of my girls’ legs once the eight month old gets taller.

This would be a great jogging stroller for anyone with younger and shorter kids. However, as the kids grow, there just isn’t enough head or leg space.